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Organised Industry Zones Published at 17.02.2016

Mersin Tarsus Industrial Zone which is founded on 380 hectare area in 1993, consists of 2 parts. MTOIZ is a very significant part for Mersin and Tarsus location; East, West, South, North axis Asia-Europe or Africa-Europe-Asia line is one of the Turkeys’ most important gate.

Organised Industry Zones

The distance of the zone is 22 km to Port of Mersin and Free Zone, 35 km to Adana Airport. The project for International Çukurova Regional Aiport has been completed and will be builted soon with this Aiport the distance will be shorter.

Zone is hosting 19 different job fields. As of today, there are 118 companies in production, 29 companies in construction, 3 companies in project phases. %66 of companies in manufacturing industry operate in manufacture of food products, manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, manufacture of chemicals and chemical products, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, manufacture of basic metals sectors.  6.500 (six thousand) people are being employed in the Zone.

Conditions for Allocation of Parcel of Land

Unit price of the parcels of land is approximately USD 62/m2 for the 1.Part, USD 36/m2 for the 2.Part. Of the parcel price, 25% is collected in advance, 75% in 8 instalments in 4 years.

Encouragement of Investments

Investments made in the Organized Industrial Zone can enjoy the incentives granted under the State Supports for investments in Turkey. Within the implementation of the Investment Incentives Program Mersin takes place in 3thRegion, within the Investment Incentives Schemes Regional and Large Scale investments in Organized Industrial Zone will be supported by more beneficial one level up(4thRegion) regional rates and terms of tax reduction and social security premium support (employer’s share).
Advantages of OIZs

In addition to the investment incentives scheme in Turkey (general investment incentives, incentives for large-scale investments, region and sector-based incentives, employment incentives, R&D supports, etc.), investors operating in the OIZs can benefit from the following advantages:

  • No VAT for land acquisitions
  • Exemption from real estate duty for five years starting after the construction of the plant
  • Low water, natural gas, and telecommunication costs
  • For unification and/or separation of plots, no tax to be paid. Exemption from municipality tax for construction and usage of the plant
  • Exemption from the municipality tax on solid waste if the OIZ does not benefit from the municipality service

Silifke Organised Industrial Zone

Silifke Organised Industrial Zone is located on an area of 92.8 hectares; covering an area of 93 parcels inside the boundary of Silifke-Tosmurlu village. The Zone has gone into operation on 30.11.2000 by obtaining certificate of authorization from Minisrty of Science Industry amd Technology.

Silifke Organised Industrial Zone is 149 km away from Adana airport, 85 km away to the closest railways and 6 km away from Tasucu port which is the closest post to the zone. The parcellation and frastructure projects of the first and the second parts of the zone completed and 46 parcels have been made ready for sale. The 45 of the 46 parcels are appropriated.

Conditions for Allocation of Parcel of Land:

In advanced sales, the unit price of the parcels of land is approximately USD 16/m2, and in forward sales is specified as below:

  • Land Cost for 24 Months Forward Sales: Approximately USD20/m2. The first payment is collected in advanced and the rest in 23 equal instalments.
  • Land Cost for 36 months Forward Sales: Approximately USD 22/m2. A preliminary agreement can be done by taking 25% amount of land sale within a week from the landal location. Within a week from the preliminary agreement, 25% of the payment is collected in advanced, the rest of the payment is 36 months deferred and collected in monthly instalments.

Silifke Organized Industrial Zone

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