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Economy & Business Life Published at 17.02.2016

The economy of Mersin is composed of agriculture, trade, industry and domestic tourism sectors where all sectors are growing together.

Economy & Business Life

Both in agricultural and industrial production efficiency, with the advanced commercial and financial institutions (banking and finance sectors) the experience of external relations; owning an international port, the improved Free Zone activities, and with its strong commercial infrastructure; the province has taken its place in today’s global business trade particularly as an important commerce and logistic center of the Mediterrenean Region.

Extensive citrus fruit growing, greenhouse early fruit&vegetable production and viticulture have made agriculture the second important sector. Strategical industrial facilities like glass, cement, chrome, sodium carbonate and also small and medium size industry facilities like food products,rubber and plastics products, fabricated metal products and manufacture of machinery and equipment, textile and wearing apparel, base metal industry and chemical products are the important manufacturing ranges of the region.

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey (Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Antalya) accounts for 83% of the country’s citrus fruit production, 91% of lemon production, 91% of grapefruit production and 81% of orange and 75% of tangerine production.  Mersin accounts for 49% of the country’s exports of cereal.

It is also an important potential for development of tourism that there are virgin areas along the coastline of 320 kilometres.  Domestic tourism activities are very much developed, but recent years Mersins’ tourism reached to an international level with the tourists coming from Middle East countries.

Due to intensive building activities in Mersin, the construction sector is also one of the fastest growing sectors. According to number of house sales, Mersin is the 8. biggest city of Turkey.

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