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Commercial Structure Published at 17.02.2016

Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Mersin Chamber of Shipping - Mersin Commodity Exchange - General Secretariat of Mediterranean Exporter Unions - ÇUKUROVA DEVELOPMENT AGENCY - MERSİN YENİŞEHİR FAIRGROUND 

Commercial Structure

Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Founded in 1886, Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry has 22.415 members as at year-end of 2012. Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry performs the following functions as made incumbent upon it by law: 

•    Registration and cessation procedures in respect of commercial and industrial organisations 
•    Determination of capacity of industrial organisations 
•    Registration and approval of exports procedures 
•    Procedures related with TIR certificates 
•    Preparation of expertise reports 
•    Provision of all other services as may be required by its members 

In addition to the above functions that are required by law:
•    Directing industrial and commercial development of the province 
•    Conducting studies for integration of the province and its members with the world economy
•    Sponsoring social and cultural activities in the province 
•    Developing projects in cooperation with public organisations and NGO’s
•    Preparation of commercial documents 
•    Provision of consulting services 
•    Looking into investment opportunities and informing investors accordingly 
•    Conducting sector researches inside and outside the country 
•    Conducting studies on the relations with European Union 
•    Provision of training services in various areas for its members

Mersin Chamber of Shipping
Founded in 1989, the area of responsibility of Mersin Chamber of Maritime Trade is Mersin. This area covers Mersin, Seka and Taşucu Ports.  It has 380 members as of 2012. Mersin Chamber of Shipping performs the following duties as required by law: 

• To ensure development of the profession in accordance with the general interests in order to meet common requirements of the members and to facilitate professional activities, 
• To conduct studies in order to safeguard professional ethics, integrity and solidarity with a view to ensuring confidence and honesty dominate the relations between the members and with the people, 
• To make efforts for development of maritime trade for the public interests and in accordance with the national transportation and maritime trade policies,
• To conduct national and international studies on maritime trade.
• To collect information on domestic and foreign freight and port charges and similar information and to notify its members accordingly 
 • To keep statistics in respect of arriving and departing cargoes at and from Mersin Port and to publish such statistics for use by its members and relevant authorities  
• To act as arbitrator and expert in disputes related with maritime trade 
• To prepare tariffs for service fees charged by maritime agencies and submit the same to the Ministry of Industry for approval  
• To make necessary initiatives in order to develop the relations between public institutions and organisations and its members and to facilitate services 

 In addition to the above functions that are required by law:
• To conduct studies to ensure integration of its members with the world maritime trade 
• To conduct studies towards social and cultural activities in the province 
• To develop projects in co-operation with public organisations and NGO’s
• To perform East Mediterranean Yacht Rally Mersin representative office
• To develop and implement training programs for seamen 
• To obtain maritime books and publications for submission to those who have requested them 
• To provide consulting services in all maritime-related matters 
• To publish a monthly sector magazine

Mersin Commodity Exchange
Mersin Commodity Exchange founded in 1926, has 1.248 members as of 2012. Legal duties of Mersin Commodity Exchange are as follows: 

• To regulate and register exchanges of commodities 
• To establish and announce daily rates of commodities at the exchange 
• To follow up national and international exchanges and to exchange prices 
• To establish specifications and types of commodities at the exchange

In addition to the above functions that are required by law:
• To assist industrial, commercial and agricultural development in the province 
• To conduct studies for integration of its members and the province with the world economy
• To sponsor social and cultural activities in the province 
• To develop projects in co-ordination with public organisations and NGO’s
• To prepare commercial documentation 
• To provide consulting services 
• To conduct domestic and foreign sector-specific studies 

Commodities most exchanged at the Exchange:
Leguminous seeds, Fresh Fruit, Cereals

General Secretariat of Mediterranean Exporter Unions
The Exporter Unions are organisations with their own budgets, established to regulate professional activities and relations of their members, to solve the problems their members may encounter and to increase the country’s exports through organisation of the exporters apart from this, they also execute the foreign trade duties assigned to them by Turkish Exporters Assembly.

In Turkey, there are 13 Secretariat for General of the Exporter Unions and 61 Exporter Unions reporting thereto. Unions have the following organs: The General Assembly, the Auditors Board, the Board of Directors, the Secretariat General. Exporters are required to be registered to the relevant Unions. 

Founded in 1940, the Secretariat General of the Mediterranean Exporter Unions has 8 separate Exporters Unions:
• Mediterranean Textiles and Raw Materials Exporters’ Union 
• Mediterranean Fishery and Animal Products Exporters’ Union
• Mediterranean Cereals, Pulses and Oily Seeds Exporters’ Union
• Mediterranean Fresh Fruit, Vegetable Exporters’ Union
• Mediterranean Wooden Products and Forestry Produces Exporters’ Union
• Mediterranean Clothing and Ready wear Garments Exporters’ Union 
• Mediterranean Chemical Products and Derivatives Exporters’ Union 
• Mediterranean Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Union
Owning 5.192 members, the Mediterranean Exporter Unions’ head office is in Mersin.  It has liaison offices in Adana, Antakya, İskenderun, Karaman and Kayseri.

The Mediterranean Exporter Unions is the coordinator of Fresh Fruit, Vegetable Exporters’ Union in Turkey.

The Unions perform many duties in order to inform all foreign-trade-related sectors and to act as a mediator in the discharge of exports procedures.  These duties may be outlined as follows: 

• Calculations related to exports subsidies for agricultural products, 
• File closing, time extension and modification procedures in respect of export incentive certificates, permits for processing inside and outside the country, 
• Acceptance of applications for export through bound by registration counter purchase credit, consignment bartening and leasing based procedures and for exports with waiver,
• Replying to Customs authorities’ inquiries about the value of export products,
• Co-ordination of quota-based textiles and ready-to-wear clothing and conducting related procedures, 
• Establishment of companies, installations, foundations, laboratories and businesses to assist its members in the execution of export-related activities, 
• Making representations to the relevant authorities in order to protect the rights of such members who have been treated unfairly as well as to remove the difficulties that the members may encounter in their exports, 
• Conducting local and foreign market researches for the products covered and following up statistics, movement of  prices, fluctuations in supply and demand and changes in legislation and purchase orders,
• Conducting studies to establish trade centres in various countries 
• Encouraging participation in international fairs and opening and operating office/stores, and promotion of trade marks abroad, 
• Organisation of seminars, panel discussions and meetings, opening  fairs and exhibitions, or participation in fairs and exhibitions opened, and co-operating with foreign organisations for information purposes, 
• Organisation of visits by trade missions to foreign countries and receiving foreign missions in order to bring together local exporters and foreign buyers,
• Informing the members of the decisions taken at international forums on trade and environment and introduction of problems at such forums, 
• Contributing to the opening of vocational schools to provide auxiliary personnel for export sector and organisation of training seminars, 
• Publication of magazines, brochures, books and guides in order to promote export products abroad or to inform the members.


Çukurova Development Agency was established in 2006 as one of the first regional development agencies of Turkey. The main purpose of the agency is fostering economic and social development in Region of Çukurova that consists of provinces of Adana and Mersin. The main methods to be employed to this end are: preparation of regional strategies and plans; funding the projects of SMEs, non-governmental organisations and public institutions; promoting the region for domestic and foreign investments. Until today, Çukurova Development Agency executed 16 grant scheme and awarded 541 projects with an amount of 135,4 million Turkish liras (76 million USD).

Mersin Yenişehir Fairground has been hosting the fairs that are being organized in our city since 2007. It started serving to increase the business potential of our region, expand commercial activities, create cooperation opportunities, strengten manufacturer-consumer-service circle and install fair culture in our region. Lots of fairs are being organized in Mersin, particularly including agriculture, food, logistics, real estate, automobile fairs.


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